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Our Services
First Timer Special! $45.00
     A special for our first-time clients! Come and see what we're about with 60 minutes of 
relaxing Swedish massage.
Trouble Spot Massage $30.00
     Our Trouble Spot Massage is 30 minutes of expert, therapeutic technique spent on up to two
body parts that require more detailed work. May include Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release,
trigger point, range of motion and/or stretching techniques.
True Swedish $60.00
     Our True Swedish massage is 60 minutes of complete body relaxation, that consists of flowing
and rhythmic massage strokes that send both your mind and body on an one hour vacation.
     *Does not include deep tissue work on troubled areas.
The Downtowner Signature $100.00
     Our 90 minute Downtowner Signature Massage is our most popular service and consists of a
combination of flowing Swedish massage and deep tissue work on up to two areas. This
therapeutic and relaxing massage helps work out both troubled areas as well as calm your
entire body and mind.
     *Pressure may be adjusted from light to very firm.
The Hot Rox Deluxe $120.00
     Our 90 minute Hot Rox Deluxe Massage is for when you are truly in need of some special
treatment. Smooth river rocks are heated to the perfect temperature and then used in conjunction
with warm oils and flowing Swedish strokes to 'melt' any muscle tension away. A great gift for
someone special!
     *Can also include deep tissue work on up to two troubled spots, by request.
Pregnancy Massage $75.00
Coming Soon!
Couples Massage
We're sorry but we are unequipped to offer couples' massages at the moment.
Add ons
Sleepy-time Special $10
     Ever felt like you'd give anything to stay on the massage table and nap after a fabulous
massage? Well now you can! Our sleepy-time special will have you relaxing in the clouds for
20 minutes after your massage, allowing for the optimal relaxation effect of the massage to work
its magic. Go back to work, refreshed and feeling great!
Quick spot $20 
Do you want a relaxing Swedish massage but you also have that one troubled spot that needs
extra attention? Our quick spot add-on will provide you with 15 minutes of expert, therapeutic
techniques on one troubled area.